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           For over 40 years, we have provided Residential & Commercial plumbing services for clients throughout Westchester
           NY. Our emergency plumbing repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our highly trained
           technicians are skilled
in every facet of plumbing, heating and fire protection systems.

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           We provide the highest quality affordable plumbing services in Westchester NY.
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        | Rooter Plus Plumbing & Heating - Our History |

           In the mid 1950s, Pasquale Spano was working  as an apprentice plumber by day and taking courses  at night to

           achieve his goal of becoming a licensed Master Plumber in New York City.

           He founded Pat Spano & Sons Plumbing & Heating, Inc., a family owned and operated business that proudly
           served New York City or over 40 years. From repairing leaking toilets to roughing high rise apartments throughout
           the city, Pat Spano & Sons did it all.

           From a very young age Pat’s two sons, Steven & Richard, were always at their father’s plumbing office tinkering
           with the supplies and pipes, and asking a lot of questions. During their teenage years they began their formal
           education into the plumbing business: filling out job orders, getting equipment ready, going over the day’s calls and
           even going out in the field. This hands-on approach from early on gave them a huge knowledge of all aspects
           of plumbing.

           Like water flowing through a broken water main, Steven & Richard followed full force in their father’s footsteps

           during the 1970s. Learning both the practical and business sides of the plumbing field, Steven & Richard received

           Master Plumbing licenses for New York City as well as Westchester  NY. The dedication and knowledge inherited

           from their father was an invaluable tool for their future as plumbers. 


           After Pat’s retirement, Steven & Richard re-brand their plumbing company as Rooter Plus Plumbing & Heating.

           Even though it is a new name, Rooter Plus still boasts years of plumbing experience with the same reliable,

           professional & courteous service that Steven & Richard’s customers have come to know and trust?


            ROOTER PLUS PLUMBING & HEATING is licensed to perform Plumbing, Heating and Fire Protection repair and installations in
            Westchester NY

is a proud member of The Master Plumbers Council Of New York City,
            The Bronx Chamber Of Commerce & The Mount Vernon Chamber Of Commerce


   Contact us for a FREE estimate for installations of new Plumbing, Heating and Fire Protection Systems or
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- New York's Neighborhood Plumber for over 40 years. Serving Residential
           and Commercial clients in Pelham NY, New Rochelle NY,
Eastchester NY, Yonkers NY, The Bronx NY, Larchmont NY,
           Bronxville NY and Tuckahoe NY.

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